Accessibility Task Force

Manny MourtzanosA message from the Vice Chancellor, Educational Services:

The mission of the Kern Community College District is to provide outstanding educational programs and services that are responsive to our diverse students and communities.

Members of our diverse campuses and local communities includes individuals with disabilities. At Kern CCD, our priority and commitment is to continuously increase access to our resources, documents and information for all individuals.

While compliance with federal and state laws related to individuals with disabilities is a high priority, our motivation to comply with these laws stems from our commitment to ensure our students, members of our college communities, and any individual with a disability achieves the level of access to services, support, documents and information needed to effectively interact with the colleges and District Office.

In 2019, the Kern CCD began a comprehensive review of our processes and programs to evaluate the accessibility and delivery of services to, and resources for, individuals with disabilities.

Subsequently, a districtwide task force was created shortly thereafter. The Accessibility Committee is comprised of members representing the three colleges of Kern CCD and the District Office, including faculty, classified staff, and administrators.

The Accessibility Committee exists to generate and foster a climate committed to increasing accessibility for all, raising awareness of accommodations-related issues, ensuring compliance with related regulations, and providing professional development resources to our faculty and staff. The following webpages document our progress to achieving our goals, and they provides helpful links for those seeking additional support, assistance, and accommodations.

-- Dr. Emmanuel “Manny” Mourtzanos, Vice Chancellor, Educational Services