Board of Trustees

The Kern Community College District service area is divided into seven segments for elected representation throughout the counties we serve. Each member of the KCCD Board of Trustees will represent a designated trustee area as defined during the redistricting process of 2020.

DISCLAIMER: Your input and concerns regarding the Kern Community College District are important to the Trustees.

Please note that there could be some delay in review and response.

If this is an urgent or time-sensitive matter, please send your email to Steve Bloomberg, KCCD Chancellor, for his review and attention.

Please be aware that individual trustees may not be able to respond to an email that is sent to more than one trustee because of restrictions on such communications under the provisions of the Brown Act (CA open meetings law).

Any email communication received by a trustee can be subject to the provisions of the California Public Records Act.

Mr. John S. Corkins, President

John Corkins

Mr. Corkins represents the Porterville College service area, Area V, and was elected in November 2006.

He is the President of Research For Hire, Inc., and Corkins Farming Inc., a diversified Agri-Business Corporation; farms olives, kiwis, and citrus in Tulare and Kern Counties; and also owns commercial property in Tulare County.

He serves as a Governor appointee to the 24th District Ag Association Board of Directors and the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board. He serves as a member of the Board Finance & Audit Committee.


Mrs. Nan Gomez-Heitzeberg, Vice-President

Nan Gomez-Heitzeberg

Nan Gomez-Heitzeberg represents the Area III service area and was elected in November 2018.

She has over 40 years of experience in higher education, both in the classroom and as an administrator.

Her Kern Community College District career started as a professor at Porterville College. After 30 years as an administrator at Bakersfield College, she retired as Vice President of Instruction.

She brings to Kern Community College District experience in Accreditation and Early Childhood Education.





Mr. Yovani Jimenez, Clerk

Yovani Jimenez

Mr. Jimenez was elected in 2020 to serve Area VI.

The area encompasses the communities of Lamont, Arvin, and portions of Bakersfield.

He is currently a case manager for Clinica Sierra Vista.

He has five years of experience in various capacities serving rural areas.

In 2018 he was elected to the board of directors for the Bear Mountain Recreation Park District. His commitment to rural communities includes volunteering with various efforts to help people living in rural community efforts.

Mr. Jimenez lives in Lamont, attended local schools, graduating from Arvin High School and California State University, Bakersfield where he earned a bachelor's degree.


Mr. Romeo Agbalog

Romeo Agbalog

Romeo Agbalog is Executive Director of the Kern County Farm Bureau, an organization that has for over a century focused on advocating, educating, supporting, and protecting the interests of one of the top agriculture-producing counties in the Nation.

Prior to joining the Farm Bureau, he served as Executive Director of Kern Citizens for Sustainable Government (KCSG), a local non-profit public policy organization focused on developing and promoting policies that support economic growth, efficient stewardship of taxpayer resources, and accountability at all levels of government. Before joining KCSG, Romeo served as the Senior District Representative for Senate Minority Leader Emeritus Jean Fuller (R-Bakersfield).

Romeo previously held positions with the Greater Bakersfield Chamber of Commerce as Manager of Governmental Affairs, Community Resources Manager with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, and Field Representative for a member of the Kern County Board of Supervisors. A lifelong resident of Delano and an alumnus of Bakersfield College, Agbalog has a wealth of board and governance experience, and a long history of community service ranging from Civil Service Commissioner for the County of Kern, and having held previous board positions with the Delano Union School District, the Foundation Board for Bakersfield College's Delano Campus Center, and the Bakersfield College Foundation.



Mrs. Kay S. Meek

Kay Meek

Mrs. Meek represents the southwest Bakersfield service area, Area VII and was provisionally appointed in January 2003 to fill a vacant seat.

She served an earlier two-year term after being elected in a special election to fill a vacated seat.

Mrs. Meek's previous employment was with California Republic Bank as a Senior Vice President and is a former Executive Director of the Bakersfield College Foundation.

She was elected Board President in December 2006 and 2017. She is the current Chair of the Board Finance & Audit Committee and serves on the Board Evaluation Committee.




Mr. Kyle Carter


Kyle Carter

Mr. Carter represents the Area I service area and was elected in November 2014.

As a Bakersfield native, Mr. Carter attended local schools including Bakersfield College. He has had a forty-two year career as a developer and homebuilder, as well as owned and operated two real estate companies, a mortgage, and an escrow company.

Mr. Carter is owner and co-founder of the Bakersfield Music Hall of Fame.

He also serves on the boards of the Alliance Against Family Violence, and the Bakersfield Homeless Center.





Mrs. Christina Scrivner

Christina Scrivner

Christina Scrivner has spent most of her life working in, representing, and advocating for the area she represents on the KCCD Board of Trustees. Her work in marketing, philanthropy, and serving on the Tehachapi City Council have allowed her to build relationships across the East Kern sector that have fueled her sense of collaboration and mission.

Christina comes from a family of scientists and entrepreneurs with roots in the California high desert. When she was 5 she moved with her family to Ridgecrest, where she would attend school, including CCCC, enter the workforce and join community service organizations and at the age of 21, buy her first home. When Kevin McCarthy recruited her as a part of his Capitol team while he was serving in the California Assembly, Christina met and married Zack Scrivner. Today, they have four children — Zack, Robert, Jane, and Jacqueline. Her work for Houchin Community Blood Bank and Adventist Health Tehachapi Valley focused on community outreach and collaboration.

She is a Community Leadership Program appointee at Edwards Air Force Base, a founding member of the Ridgecrest Musical Enrichment Society, an advisory board member of the Tehachapi Art Commission and Chair of the Kern Economic Development Foundation.


Cindy Ceja Miranda, Student Trustee

Cindy Cejas Miranda

Cindy is a student with ambition for the betterment of the future as well as the necessity of positive change within the Community College system.

She aspires to continue in the STEM field with a focus on agriculture and environmental impacts.

As the eldest daughter of 4 and raised by a single mother, she has learned that there is nothing more important than familial support, so at least every month she ensures that the family goes on an outdoor adventure, hiking, camping, and even rollerblading.