The Teaching-and-Learning Exchange Festival, or TALE FEST, is an event celebrating and supporting Kern CCD educators through the sharing of teaching-and-learning stories and the discussion of strategic new directions in a festive, positive environment showcasing achievement and innovation, peer-learning opportunities, and building district-wide mutual understanding and connections - in support of the goals of continuous improvement toward ensuring student learning and achieving student success with equity. All Kern CCD educators should consider joining us for this event that we hope will spark energy and creativity among all participants.

TALE Fest Goals

Through regular district-wide gatherings, the Kern CCD Teaching-and-Learning Exchange Festival (TALE FEST) aspires to:

  • Create opportunities for learning about different approaches to teaching-and-learning in a supportive and positive environment
  • Support self-reflection, creativity, and individual efforts by faculty to invest and improve in their instruction and programs
  • Increase understanding of the unique needs and experiences of our student populations through the sharing of stories and experiences
  • Collectively engage in the development of ideas on ways to improve ensuring student learning with success and equity
  • Increase knowledge of and appreciation for colleagues and peers district-wide in Kern CCD
  • Foster a sense of belonging for Kern CCD educators
  • Generate enthusiasm and motivation for the work of all Kern CCD educators


The Teaching-and-Learning Exchange Festival is organized under the Kern CCD Office of Educational Services with support from the Kern CCD Chancellor's Office:

  • Emmanuel Mourtzanos - Vice-Chancellor of Educational Services
  • Genevieve Horton - Administrative Assistant for Educational Services
  • Robert Simpkins - Faculty Lead & Organizer for TALE FEST, Academic Senate President and Anthropology Professor, Porterville College

About TALE Fest