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We're making it easier and more affordable for students to get their bachelor's degree. Our district will continue adding four-year programs based on careers that are in high-demand in our areas, helping set students up for successful futures.
Chancellor’s Office

Dedication to Service

Our mission is to provide outstanding educational programs and services that are responsive to our diverse students and communities.
Steven Bloomberg
Fostering an environment of academic excellence, innovation, and inclusivity is a priority for our District. With your support and collaboration, I am confident we can continue to propel our district to new heights of success as we look to expand our academic offerings and strengthen our community partnerships.
Steven Bloomberg
Board of Trustees

For Our Communities

Our Vision is that the Kern Community College District is recognized as an exemplary educational leader, partnering with our communities to develop potential and create opportunities. Successful students will strengthen their communities and, along with the faculty and staff, become life-long learners.
John Corkins
During my time as a Kern CCD trustee, I’ve seen first-hand how higher education changes lives and transforms communities. Across our three colleges, we have some of the most dedicated faculty, staff, and administrators in the entire state, and they work every day to break down barriers to our students’ success. Our district continues to lead with innovative initiatives that keep our students at the forefront and ensure we are meeting our communities educational and workforce needs.
John Corkins
President, Kern CCD Board of Trustees
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We are talented, passionate and driven by our distinct mission to educate and serve our diverse students and community.

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Vice Chancellor Search

The Kern Community College District is seeking a Vice Chancellor, Educational Services and Student Success. The Vice Chancellor provides overall leadership and utilizes data in planning, organizing, reviewing, coordinating, and evaluating district-wide instructional and student services programs and the development and implementation of policies and procedures of the District.