Scheduled Downtime

Scheduled downtime for IT services facilitates the ability for IT staff to perform necessary maintenance and upgrades and allow District Office and College operational units to plan for and work around these scheduled interruptions of IT systems and services.


Scheduled downtime work will be completed on the dates below between 6:00am Sunday and 6:00am Monday. 

  • July 9th, 2023
  • August 6th, 2023
  • September 10th, 2023
  • October 1st, 2023
  • November 5th, 2023
  • January 7th, 2024
  • February 4th, 2024
  • March 3rd, 2024
  • April 7th, 2024
  • June 2nd, 2024

Email notifications from the college and district IT operations will be sent out providing information on what services will be impacted during a scheduled downtime period.