The Kern Community College District maintains an emergency management program to protect lives, property, and to continue necessary critical functions. To improve communications during an emergency, KCCD has implemented an emergency alert notification system for each college and the District Office (BC ALERT, CC ALERT, PC ALERT and DO ALERT. In an emergency or urgent situation, KCCD will use the ALERT system to notify and deliver vital information to students, faculty and staff as rapidly as possible via voice, e-mail and text messages.

In what situations will an ALERT be sent?

An ALERT will be sent to inform you of a very serious incident or situation, a campus or site closing, or some other event that requires rapid, wide-scale notification to the community. Examples of such events would be a campus shooting, bomb threat, hazardous materials spills, flood, earthquake, or fire. Test ALERT messages will be sent once a semester.

How do I submit my contact information?

Your contact information is automatically loaded into the ALERT system using the data you have previously provided for admissions and registration (students) or for employment (employees) and stored in our database. It is important that you keep this information up-to-date so that you will receive ALERT messages.

How do I update my contact information?

Click here and after logging into the InsidePortal, you will be redirected to the Portal dashboard. You can update your contact information by clicking on the MyBanWeb drop down and clicking the update contact information link.

Information about OPTING Out of Text Message Alerts

Although you can chose to Opt Out of receiving ALERT text messages, we strongly encourage you not to Opt Out. In an emergency situation, the ALERT system will attempt to contact you with important information via all the available communication methods including voice messages to the phone numbers you have provided, email and text messaging. Depending on where you are at and what you are doing at the time the messages are sent, a text message could be the best communication mode to alert you of the emergency condition.