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California Compliance School (CCS) is an innovative, activity-based training program that will teach you the basics of complying with the confusing maze of environmental regulations in a fun and interesting format!

Using experts in the field of adult learning principles, the team of curriculum development specialists at CCS put together a performance-based program that addresses the most common questions and practices of environmental compliance for hazardous waste generators.

"Performance-based" means that, during the course of the class, you will learn what you need to know to apply these skills to your business operations. This keeps you in compliance, saves money through waste reduction, and may prevent you from getting fined!

As you can imagine, this format is dramatically different from sitting for eight hours in front of an instructor who lectures the whole time, without really giving you an opportunity to demonstrate that you have learned anything--or to practice what you may have learned.

The credit for the CCS concept goes to employees of the Department of Toxic Substances Control. They realized the need for basic hazardous waste management training but recognized that an institution of adult learning (a college) would be better equipped to develop and provide the training than a regulatory agency. Their vision was a "Traffic School" for hazardous waste generators, which would allow fines for certain violations to be "forgiven" by the DTSC and today that vision is a reality.

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About the Instructor

Mr. Casagrande's background in innovative and practical applications of current technology and understanding of the hazardous waste control standards make him a valuable resource for the client.He uses the group learning method that empowers you to actually feel comfortable in using what you learned in class.

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