Industrial Maintenance Mechanic

The industry's impact is not limited to energy production. As the construction and ongoing maintenance of industry increases, so do the employment possibilities and the need for educated and well-trained technicians.

Industrial maintenance mechanics (IM Mechanic) are needed in every industry that uses machinery, from assembly plants to power manufacturers. Not only do mechanics repair and maintain equipment, they also install and dismantle it. Every time a new appliance leaves a factory or a new car rolls off the line, a skilled mechanic played a role in producing it. Wherever there are machines, there will be a need for maintenance craft workers. 

Entry Level Training Includes:

  • Craft-Related Mathematics
  • Motors: Theory and Application
  • Motor Controls
  • Programmable Logic Controllers
  • Material Handling and Hand Rigging
  • Installing Bearings
  • Installing Couplings
  • Conventional Alignment
  • Maintenance & Repair
  • Gearbox Maintenance
  • Drive System Maintenance

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