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The purpose of the CERF Catalyst Program is to bridge the gap between planning and implementation and enable regions to develop ready-to-go projects that can compete for funding opportunities from federal, state, and private sources.

The CERF Catalyst Program will support an investment into the already identified Regional Convenor(s) to operate the established HRTC through the end of the CERF Program (September 2026).

Additionally, the CERF Catalyst Program funds will directly support up to five Sector Investment Coordinators, tasked with promoting system change and alignment activities; Pre-development activities such as feasibility studies, project design, and development of demonstration projects and programs; and provide the Fiscal Agent funding for the project administration and fiscal oversight associated to the CERF Catalyst Program.

Each region’s Fiscal Agent, on behalf of the HRTC, will be eligible to apply for up to $14 million in funds from the CERF Catalyst Program. Applications will be reviewed and awarded on a rolling basis.   

Catalyst Program RFP

The Catalyst Program Notice of Availability of Funds document contains information regarding the CERF Program, Catalyst Program design, application requirements, funding requirements, significant dates, administrative requirements, and the award and contracting process.

Download the Catalyst Program Notice of Availability of Funds document as a PDF: Catalyst Program Notice of Availability of Funds


CERF Catalyst projects must adhere to federal, program specific Justice40 guidelines; review the Justice40 Guidelines at

Catalyst Program 2.0

Catalyst Program 2.0 information as released in August 2023.

Catalyst Program 2.0

Catalyst Program Timeline

Catalyst Program Timeline

Catalyst Program Approach

Comprehensive Approach


Initial Catalyst Program Framework

Released on July 17, 2023.

Changes have been made to the program since the initial announcement. On the page below, you'll find more information about the changes, including the timeline, approach, and funding.

Catalyst Program Framework