KCCD 9+ CTE Units - Presentation (12/9/2021):

     KCCD 9+ CTE Units Analysis Presentation - Handout

   KCCD 9+ CTE Units - District-wide Presentation Slide Deck

     KCCD 9+ CTE Units - District-wide Presentation 


CTEOS Presentation (7/13/2021):

     CTEOS Presentation Slide Deck, July 13 2021


March 2021 KCCD Board Meeting-Student Equity Presentation (3/11/2021):

     Student Equity Handout

     Student Equity Presentation


KCCD FTES Webinar materials (2/25/2021):  

     KCCD Attendance Accounting Quick Reference

     KCCD FTES Calculation Webinar Slidedeck

     Link to recording of webinar