Strategic Plan


KCCD Guiding Principles


Our Vision is that the Kern Community College District is recognized as an exemplary educational leader, partnering with our communities to develop potential and create opportunities. Successful students will strengthen their communities and, along with the faculty and staff, become life-long learners.



Invested | We are invested in our students by assisting them to achieve informed educational goals.</p

Inclusive | We foster an inclusive learning environment that celebrates the diversity of people, ideas and learning styles.

Accountable | We promote a climate of trust and accountability through the open sharing of ideas and information.

Focused | We are focused to strive for and meet the highest standards of performance in everything we do.

Committed | We are committed to recruiting and retaining the best employees.


The mission of the Kern Community College District is to provide outstanding educational programs and services that are responsive to our diverse students and communities.

To accomplish this mission, we will:

  • Provide academic instruction to promote fulfillment of four-year college transfer requirements and encourage degree and/or certificate acquisition in our surrounding communities.
  • Provide workforce skills training through Career and Technical Education programs.
  • Provide basic skills education and student services programs to enable students to become successful learners.
  • Establish partnerships with businesses and governmental entities as well as other educational institutions to advance economic development.
  • Improve the quality of life of our students and communities through broad-based general education courses.
  • Prepare students with the skills to function effectively in the global economy of the 21st century.
  • Anticipate and prepare to meet challenges by continually assessing and prioritizing programs, services, and community needs.

Strategic Goals and Objectives

Strategic Direction #1: Maximize Student Success, Ensure Student Access, and Reduce Equity Gaps

  • Increase by at least 20% the number of KCCD students annually who acquire associates degrees, credentials, certificates, or specific skill sets that prepare them for an in-demand job
  • Increase by 35 percent the number of KCCD students transferring annually to a UC or CSU
  • Decrease the average number of units accumulated by KCCD students earning associate degrees from approximately 92 total units to 79 total units.
  • Optimize Student Enrollment
  • Increase Annual FTES
  • Increase Annual Productivity
  • Decrease Waitlisted enrollments on first day
  • Increase Number of concurrent enrollments
  • Reduce equity gaps through faster improvements among traditionally underrepresented student groups, with the goal of cutting achievement gaps by 40 percent within 5 years and fully closing those achievement gaps for good within 10 years
  • (New) Develop Non-Credit Education and Adult Education throughout the community

Strategic Direction #2: Provide Workforce and Economic Development Programs that Respond to Local and Regional Industry

Increase the percent of exiting CTE students who report being employed in their field of study, from the most recent statewide average of 60 percent to 69 percent

Note: The words “and Regional” were added to this goal to reflect an expanded focus beyond just our local industry.

Strategic Direction #3: Strengthen Organizational Effectiveness

  • Provide Effective Professional Development
  • Meet and Exceed Internal and External Standards and Requirements
  • (Re-word) Develop Inter-District Collaboration and Cooperation
  • Improve Facilities and Maintenance
  • (New) Improve Technology Infrastructure
  • (New) Resource Development