Business Services

Department Supervisor

Mike Giacomini


Mike Giacomini
Chief Financial Officer

Department Assistant

Alexandria Kemp,
Business Services Assistant

(661) 336-5117

Contact Information

Location: District Office

Phone: (661) 336-5117









District Office Business Services provides business service functions for students, faculty, staff, management, Board of Trustees and general public including:

  • Accounting Services
  • Finance and Treasury Services
  • Economic and Cost Analysis
  • Budget and Financial Forecasting
  • Contract Services (Business Contracts)
  • Risk Management (General Liability)
  • Business Process Training

District Business Services' primary role is to be an extension of the college Business Services Offices providing them direct support in accomplishing their service objectives at each of the district's colleges.


Department Directory

Name Position Email Phone
Mike Giacomini Chief Financial Officer 661-336-5124
Carlene Feichter Director, Accounting Services 661-336-5035
Cathi Jacob Accounting Manager 661-336-5105
Tracy Blakemore Accounting Manager 661-336-5118
Alexandria Kemp Business Services Assistant 661-336-5117


Name Position Email Phone Location
Marisol Cuevas Accounting Coordinator 661-336-5110  
Enrique Heredia Budget Analyst 661-336-5038  
Nancy Lopez Accounting Technician ll 661-336-5153  
Vanessa Rodriguez Accounting Technician ll 661-336-5021  
Priscilla Rodriguez Accounting Technician II 661-336-5024  
Kristopher Herrera Accounting Technician II 661-336-5168  


Name Position Email Phone Location
Randall Rowles Associate Vice Chancellor of Construction & Facilities Planning 661-336-5095  
Kimberly Crews Administrative Assistant 661-336-5174  
Isabel Melendez Accounting Coordinator 661-336-5053  
Rafaela Cisneros Budget Analyst 661-336-5180  
Nick Hernandez Project Manager 661-336-5082  
Daniel Reed Project Manager 661-336-5181  
Jamal Powell Project Manager 661-336-5013  
Christian Beltramo Project Manager 760-384-6268  

Purchasing & Contracts

Name Position Email Phone Location
Cammie Ehret-Stevens Purchasing & Contracts Manager 661-336-5155  
Becky Beed Purchasing Coordinator/Analyst

Brett Osthimer Purchasing Coordinator/Analyst 661-336-5071  
Chrystyn Lim Purchasing Coordinator/Analyst