Customized and Corporate Training(CCT)

Kern Community College District, CCT, offers a wide array of training topics to help improve the productivity of your employees. While the list of topics is extensive, the CCT is able to customize nearly any training topic to fit your organization's needs.

Logo for Customized and Corporate Training

Kern Community College District's CCT fast-tracks your employees through this process of learning by teaching essential leadership skills in one easy to follow, highly effective and quick to implement course.

The CCT is a curriculum of workshops and experiences designed to cultivate leadership excellence. The workshops help students to enhance their leadership competencies as well as develop their leadership potential.

Furthermore, the CCT offers State Funding for Training, Assessments, and Training for Veterans.

Training Philosophy

Our training is designed with practical, real-world facility and industrial applications in mind. It is unbiased, unaffiliated and non-commercial so you are assured of a real education and not a product sales pitch. It focuses less on theory and more on the actual steps students need to properly maintain equipment or fix specific problems at their own plant or facility. Doing this in just a few days while reinforcing worker safety is a serious challenge. That's why our instructors have the freedom to tweak each session to the specific needs of the students in each class. Our instructors will simplify the subject matter for the novice or go in-depth to answer an engineer's toughest question.

About Our Instructors

All instructors are required to have a formal education and real world work experience. They need to be leaders in their field. We don't hire field people without teaching experience, and we don't hire teachers without field experience. They must have both.

Training at Your Facility

We can bring any of our other courses directly to your facility for training. Contact us for further details.

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