Search Example 1

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Finding what is important to a student can be a crucial factor to leading prospects to make the decision to go with your college over another. Providing them with the tool to search through the thousands of pages on your site puts the power in their hands and allows them to be the one to find the programs and pathways they are looking for in order to achieve their professional goals. The job that is left is up to the college providing the pages with the details that highlight what a prospect may be looking for in a way that makes it easy for them to find, review, compare, and even share with their friends and family. This is all just filler content so that the page that I will be referencing in the search demo does not come up as blank. I want the abstract to contain at least some content and for it to be different than the usual Latin placeholder text that is often used. The information that is in this paragraph will be repeated three times on this page, two times on the second example, and just once on the first. The purpose behind this now has changed from intentional content to needing to increase the overall length of the paragraph so that the page that will only have it on their once still looks to be a decent amount of content. That should be a good start, to go any further would be unnecessary.