PC Transfer Fair is a Success

By Porterville College | 11/01/23
Booths at PC Transfer Fair

The PC Transfer Fair was held in the Porterville College Quad on Thursday, November 1st and was open to all students interested in transferring to a four-year school from Porterville College.

During the event, the quad was filled with representatives from nearly a dozen schools providing information about their campuses and programs to PC students interested in transfer opportunities.

Students spent time talking to reps, learning about programs, and taking their chance at winning some fantastic prizes just for stopping by the fair. Thank you to the Porterville College Foundation for donating so many great prizes, including an ASUS Gaming Laptop taken home by one lucky student!

By providing this information to PC students we are helping them take the right path to their educational success, especially for those who may not have the resources to tour multiple campuses and find this information on their own.

“It’s important to have it here on campus because we’re a small college and not all of our students have an opportunity to go out and look at different campuses on their own,” said PC Director of Communications and Community Relations, Roger Perez.

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