Breaking Records and Building Hope: DVAM Trunk or Treat Strikes a Chord!

By Bakersfield College | 10/31/23
Trunk or treat costumes from Wizard of Oz

In an inspiring turn of events, the recent Domestic Violence Awareness Month "DVAM" Trunk or Treat, hosted at Bakersfield College on Friday, October 27th, witnessed an unprecedented surge in community support and engagement.

Just last year, our event drew 1000 attendees. Fast forward to this year, and we are thrilled to announce that our numbers have tripled, reaching a staggering 3000 attendees. This incredible increase in attendance signifies not just the growth of our event but also the expanding awareness and impact we are making in the community.

At the heart of this success lies the collaboration between 27 BC student orgs/clubs, BC departments, and dedicated community organizations. Partnering with the Consent Project Club, OSL, and SGA, we transformed a simple event into a dynamic platform for change.

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