Fast Facts Definitions

Unique Headcount-count of each individual student enrolled in classes on census for the Fall term.

FTES (Full Time Equivalent Student) is a standardized measure of enrollment that takes into account the number of units a student is taking.  Generally, a student taking 15 units = 1 FTES. 


Student Demographics

Gender-the student’s gender (Men, Women or if the gender was not reported) for the FAll term.

Ethnic Group-the student’s primary ethnic background.

Age Group-the age group of the student for the Fall term.

Parents Education-the highest level of parents education level for the Fall term as reported by the student.


Student Academic Characteristics

Student Type-Whether a student was any of the following types for the Fall term:

First Time-attending college for the first time.

First Time Transfer-transferred from another college and is attending a KCCD college for the first time.

Continuing-attended a KCCD college the previous semester as a non-special admit and is continuing this Fall term.

Returning-A student that has attended a KCCD in the past but had a break in enrollment and returned to enroll in the Fall term.

Special Admit-A High School student also attending a KCCD college.

Other-Adult School students also attending a KCCD college.

Enrollment Status-The number of units students attempted (Special Admit students are excluded). Attempted is defined as a student who received a grade for a course.

Educational Goal-Students declaring one of the following goals for the Fall term:

Transfer to a 4 year college-4 year student meeting 4-year requirements or obtain a Bachelor’s degree with or without completing an Associates.

Associates Degree-Associates Degree without transfer

Vocational Degree/Certificate-Earn a vocational certificate, Maintain a certificate/license, or Vocational degree without transfer.

Undecided-blank goal, Undecided or Unknown/Uncollected.

Other- Discover career interests, Educational development, GED preparation, Improve Basic Skills, Job Advancement, Move from noncredit to credit, or Prepare for a new career.


Top Majors, by Educational Goal-The top 5 majors declared by students within the Transfer to 4 Year, Associates Degree and Vocational Degree or Certificate Educational Goals.


Degrees Conferred-The number of Awards, Degree Recipients and GPA at Graduation by the following Award Types:

Associates for Transfer: Associate Degree with course requirements that guarantees admission to a CSU school.

Associates: Associate Degree with course requirements that does not guarantee admission to a CSU school.

Certificate of Achievement: Chancellor Office Approved vocational certificates.

Job Skills Certificate: Non-approved certificates.

Non Credit Award: Non-credit certificates.

Bachelors: California Community Colleges have recently begun to award Bachelor Degrees. 2017-18 was the first year Bakersfield College awarded Bachelor Degrees in Industrial Automation.


Course Success/Retention

Course data for the following Course Types:

All-all course types.

Transfer-courses that are transferrable to a 4 year institution.

Vocational- this includes the SAM codes that are used to indicate the degree to which a course is occupational. Vocational Education includes the following SAM Codes: A - Apprenticeship, B - Advanced Occupational, and C - Clearly Occupational.

General Support-Courses that do not count towards transfer or a degree.

Online- Course taught physically on campus or through distance education methods (i.e. online, correspondence, etc).

Sections-The number of sections per Course Type.

Course Enrollments-The number of students who received a grade.

Retained/Retention Rate-Students enrolled on census and completing the course for a grade of A, B, C, D, F, P, NP, or I.

Course Successfully Passed/Rate- Students enrolled on census and passing the course for a grade of A, B, C, or P.


Transfer to 4 Year Schools-The number of students who transferred to one of the following Transfer School Types within the indicated Academic Year:

CSU School-the California State University system.

UC System-the University of California system.

In State Private-a Private university within California.

Out of State-an out of state university.


Financial Aid Award Summary

Types of Aid:

Cal Promise-The California College Promise Grant (formerly known as Board of Governors Enrollment Fee Waiver (BOGW)), waives enrollment fees for qualified students for the entire school year.

Grants-Students who received a Cal Grant, Pell grant or any other kind of grant were put into this category.

Loans-Students who took out a student loan to help pay for college.

Scholarships-Students who received a scholarship.

Work Study-Students who had an on campus job that was funded by the federal work study program.


N-The number of students.

% Receiving Aid-The number of students receiving aid divided by the number of non special admit students enrolled for the academic year.

Average Aid Disbursed-The average amount disbursed to each student by type of aid.

Total Aid Disbursed-The total amount of aid disbursed to all students by type of aid.



Contract Faculty-Tenured full-time faculty.

Adjunct Faculty-Part-time faculty.

Classified Staff-Clerical/Secretarial, Professional (Non-Faculty), Service/Maintenance, Skilled Crafts or Technical/Paraprofessional positions.

Administrators-Executive, Administrative, and Managerial positions.


General Fund Budget-These figures were obtained from the latest Adopted Budget Book located here:


Cost of Attendance-The cost of attending a KCCD college for residents living with family, residents not living with family and non-residents. These amounts were obtained from the latest annual IPEDS report.