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Kern Community College District Administration ordered by last name.
Name Department Position Email Phone Location
Thomas J. Burke Chancellor's Office
Chancellor 661-336-5104
Thatcher Weldon Educational Services
Director, Adult Education Block Grant 661-336-5039
Bob Q. Ngo, Ph.D Institutional Research
Director, Institutional Research and Reporting 661-336-5054
Deborah Martin Business Services
Chief Financial Officer 661-336-5124
Kimberly McAbee Human Resources
Payroll Manager 661-336-5121
John Means Educational Services
Vice Chancellor, Educational Services 661-336-5036
Michelle Miller-Galaz Educational Services
Director, Grants & Resource Development 661-336-5041
Eric Mittlestead Business Services
Vice Chancellor, Construction & Facilities 661-336-5095
Hernando Mondragon Information Technology
IT Customer Support Operations Manager 661-336-5033
Gary Moser Information Technology
Chief Information Officer 661-336-5147
Jamal Powell Business Services
Project Manager 661-336-5013
Cathi Jacob Business Services
Accounting Manager 661-336-5105
Daniel Reed Business Services
Project Manager 661-336-5181
Dena Rhoades Human Resources
Human Resources Manager 661-395-4850
Bonita Steele Educational Services
Director, Career Pathways 661-336-5046
Bonita Steele Educational Services
Director, Programs and Compliance 661-336-5046
David Teasdale Educational Services
Executive Director, Economic and Workforce Dev. Programs 661-336-5011
Currently Vacant Educational Services
Manager, Community Specialist 661-336-5108
Anne VanDerHorst Human Resources
Human Resources Manager 559-791-2457
Stephen Kegley Information Technology
Associate Director, Enterprise Applications 661-336-5144
Chris Hine General Counsel
General Counsel 661-336-5040
Eddie Alvarado Information Technology
Director, IT Infrastructure 661-336-5137
Joseph DeRosa Business Services
Project Manager 661-336-5022
Mary Barnes Human Resources
Administrative Assistant, Human Resources 661-336-5141
David Barnett Information Technology
Director, Enterprise Applications 661-336-5157
Don Birdwell Chancellor's Office
Building Facility Manager 661-336-5051
Tracy Blakemore Business Services
Accounting Manager 661-336-5118
Amani Crosshabeyeh Educational Services
Program Manager, Strong Workforce Programs
Tonya Davis Human Resources
Vice Chancellor, Human Resources 661-336-5141
Gina Duran Human Resources
Human Resources Specialist - Classified 661-336-5107
Danielle Hillard-Adams Chancellor's Office
Executive Assistant, Chancellor's Office & Board of Trustees 661-336-5104
William Elliott Educational Services
Training Manager 661-395-4109
Carlene Feichter Business Services
Director, Accounting Services 661-336-5035
Suzanne M. Galindo General Counsel
Executive Assistant to General Counsel 661-336-5040
Trudy Gerald Educational Services
Associate Vice Chancellor- Economic & Workforce Development 661-336-5012
Joseph Grubbs Human Resources
Executive Director, Risk Assessment & Management 661-336-5019
Nick Hernandez Business Services
Project Manager 661-336-5082
Resa Hess Human Resources
Human Resources Manager 760-384-6259
Lori Blodorn Human Resources
Director, Human Resources 661-336-5027
Steven Alexander Information Technology
Director, IT Security 661-336-5111
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