District Consultation Council

Picture of District Consultation Council Members

About the Committee

Basis for Consultation Council

The Chancellor shall appoint a Consultation Council to assist in the solution of issues, formation of educational policies, and strategic planning.

Charge of the Council

Consultation Council is a collegial consultative body designed to serve the good of the District. The group facilitates timely, factual, and clear communication between constituents and the Chancellor as a means to help make informed District-wide decisions.

Duties of Members

Members of the Council fill a unique place in the District's structure. As members, they are the primary and most visible representative of their constituent groups. They set the standard for civility, candor, and accuracy in collegial discussion, within Council meetings and in their interactions with others in the college communities. Members are conduits of information to and from their respective groups. They should strive to understand and accept diverse points of view while attempting to reach a consensus to best serve the District as a whole.

Communication from the Chancellor

Memorandum ESS 21-400-005 Baccalaureate Degree Program Interest Survey and Application



Role Name
Chancellor Sonya Christian
Vice Chancellor, Educational Services Emmanuel Mourtzanos
Interim Chief Financial Officer Mike Giacomini
Vice Chancellor, Human Resources Abe Ali
Interim President, Bakersfield College Zav Dadabhoy
President, Cerro Coso Community College Sean Hancock
President, Porterville College Claudia Habib
President, KCCD Management Association Bonita Steele


Role Name
President, KCCD/CCA Matt Crow
President, BC Academic Senate Nick Strobel
President, CCCC Academic Senate Yvonne Mills
President, PC Academic Senate Robert Simpkins


Role Name
BC/DO CSEA President Christopher Glaser
CCCC CSEA Representative Michael Barrett
PC CSEA Representative Vern Butler


Role Name
President, BCSGA Shehrazad Barraj
President, CCCCSGA Mia Guzman
President, PCSGA Carlos Rodriguez
Last Meeting
November 18, 2023

Meeting Times

Every other Wednesday, 3:30-5 p.m (Fall/Spring) and 9-9:15 a.m. (Summer)

For past meeting, see the meetings listing page