Recognizing Eloy Oakley

Recognizing Eloy Oakley

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July 18, 2022

Dear Members of the Board of Governors:

The Kern Community College District formally recognizes Chancellor Eloy Oakley for his nearly 6 years of inspired leadership over the nation's largest system of higher education. The Kern CCD admires and respects his vision, passion and commitment to supporting nearly 2 million students annually at 116 colleges.

Zav Dadabhoy, Sonya Christian, Eloy Oakley, Claudia Habib, and Sean HancockChancellor Oakley's work on the development and adoption of the Vision for Success will continue to have a significant impact on the lives of students throughout the California Community College system, and leaves a lasting legacy of positive investments for our State. Since its creation, the Vision for Success has made significant progress in achieving the goals it has set forth - including increasing the number of students earning credentials and the number of students transferring to UC and CSU institutions.

Chancellor Oakley was the force behind significant policy changes that exponentially improved the student success with equity agenda. Specifically, AB 705 has helped ensure that our students are more likely to succeed in transfer-level courses by allowing multiple measures to help dictate their course placement. Its successor bill, AB 1705 - which passed the California Assembly in May - will strengthen the response to the problem of remedial education. Remedial education frequently delays or brings to an end the educational journey of low-income students and students of color. The solutions created by Chancellor Oakley ensure students are on the path of success with equity.

Additionally, AB 927 expands and indefinitely extends the pilot community college baccalaureate degree program which brings high access and affordable baccalaureate attainment into the reach of many students who otherwise might not have such opportunities.

Even prior to his service as our California Community College Chancellor, his efforts in putting students on a path to success left a lasting impact. Chancellor Oakley's Long Beach Promise created clear, structured pathways for students to move from high school to Long Beach Community College and then to Cal State Long Beach, resulting in Chancellor Oakley's rightful recognition as a Champion of Change by President Barack Obama in 2016. Chancellor Oakley also served on the joint task force to implement SB 1440 - the Student Transfer Achievement Act - which established a transfer associate degree allowing students to be admitted to the CSU with junior standing.

Eloy OakleyThroughout his tenure, Chancellor Oakley has consistently advocated for the closure and elimination of equity and achievement gaps throughout the California Community College system. Relentlessly championing on behalf of underserved student populations across California, Chancellor Oakley's work on diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility solidifies the California Community College system's place as a leader in this important work for generations to come.

It is this commitment to equity and student success, the speed at which he moves, and his fearless response when faced with important issues that will forever define Chancellor Oakley's tenure.

We at Kern, look forward to Chancellor Oakley's continued advocacy in his new role as President and CEO of College Futures Foundation.


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Sonya Christian
Chancellor, Kern Community College District